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Little Treasures Environment

Picture 1 Our outdoor mark making
Picture 2 Graphics in the outdoor environment
Picture 3 Sensory garden outside
Picture 4 story telling corner...
Picture 5 our messy mud kitchen!
Picture 6 Our communication area
Picture 7 Book area
Picture 8 Our feelings corner
Picture 9 Construction area
Picture 10 Role play
Picture 11 Small world
Picture 12 More construction
Picture 13
Picture 14 Feelings Area
Picture 15 Our waving window!
Picture 16 Communication corner
Picture 17 ICT area
Picture 18 free choice graphics trolley
Picture 19 free choice in our creative workshop
Picture 20 sand and water
Picture 21 role play
Picture 22 small world
Picture 23 various tuff spot activities
Picture 24 play dough area
Picture 25 Mark making opportunities
Picture 26 Dinosaur world from a child's interest
Picture 27 Farm from a child's interest
Picture 28 our sensory area outdoors