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Our Ethos

At Bambini we are a team of caring, nurturing professionals who strive to achieve the best for each and every child who attends Bambini whilst taking into consideration their individual needs and interests. We pride ourselves on being a good setting who value each family, child and their learning journey with us is of upmost importance. 


We have developed our setting aim and ethos as a staff team. We have done this through a series of training deciding what we feel a family and child need to feel and receive as part of the care we give and also the image of a child when they leave our setting.  


We have taken into consideration safeguarding, learning, achievements, care, professionalism and the staff team are working collaboratively to create our own ethos. 


Our developed aim at Bambini is: 

'Our aim is to provide a safe, secure environment which is dedicated to all children's involvement, well-being and learning whilst working in partnership with parents & professionals to become inspired, confident and curious learners'. 

'From tiny seeds, great trees grow'.